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We have MOVED this blog

July 6, 2012

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have moved this blog over to our main site.  You can find us at

We will continue to put out new green content and have loved the feedback that we have gotten on this site.  You can also get email updates about when we post new content by clicking the small follow tab on the new site and entering your email address.  We will also be posting videos on cleaning how to’s in the coming months since you have asked for them.  Also, check out our facebook and twitter accounts for all thing green and green cleaning.  Also, look out for a new website for Indy locals,  The site is community written and driven.  There will be ways to connect with local nonprofits, what things to do with friends, environmental issues, and just life in general in Indy.  We would love to hear from local nonprofits that want to get their message out to Indianapolis to see what we can do to help them in their causes.

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